Mission and Vision

Based in  Hampton Roads Virginia yet we ship throughout the US and Canada, we strive to offer a wide variety of  unique ASL(American Sign Language) and Differently-abled Products to Virginians and anyone looking for that special product or products for that special someone in their life. 


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Mission Statement: To bring awareness to our community about our Deaf and Differently-abled Community through employment,a place to share events and resources from those communities in our small business while growing to be the largest in our community and Virginia.


Vision Statement: To develop a business that is number one and unlike any other in that it is profitable due to the support of our community. To share the fruits of our labor through much needed programs in our area and to foster the attitude that we can do this one community at a time, instead of the never ending dependency on our government. In this, we hope that other communities will take note of our can-do spirit and what can be done when we decide to not take no for an answer. That inclusion is the right for everybody not just the majority.


Our Goals:

1.Our goal is to start by opening one Kiosk on the Peninsula and one on the South-side in a local mall (to be determined by traffic and locality) which will start with educational and small products for and about the Deaf and Differently-abled Community which we hope will eventually grow into a physical store.

2.Our second goal is to have a location at the Kiosk to advertise and make aware issues and events in the Differently-abled community and set up a website where people with disabilities can advertise their services and communicate with others.

3.Our third and most important goal is to hire persons with disabilities to help run each location and hire more as needed.

4.Our fourth goal is to hire from the Deaf Community to expand our Sign Language Classes and bring more awareness to the Deaf Community.

Once our businesses start turning a profit and are able to sustain themselves we hope to start giving back to our community in other ways such as percentages of the profit,grants and sponsorships and we hope to have your support in our endeavor